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Hi Everybody, and welcome to my personal website!My name is Giulia!^^

Feel free to watch galleries and contact me if you want to commission costumes, accessories, weapons.. whatever you want!!^_^

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Salve a tutti e benvenuti! Mi chiamo Giulia e questo è il mio sito!:)

Sentitevi liberi di girare per le gallery e contattarmi qualora voleste commissionare un costume, un accessorio, un'arma.. tutto quello che volete!!^_^

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♥ New Gallery On Line!!! "Eagle Marin - Saint Seiya"

Thanks to Alessio Buzi for these amazing shots!! 


♥ New photos in "Virgo No Shaka"  Gallery 

Thanks to Alessio Buzi for these amazing shots!! 


♥♥♥ New Gallery on line!!  ♥♥♥ 


Hello Everybody!!!

Finally, I unwillingly decided to sell my Fran costume!

It is one of my most beloved costumes and it has been very difficult for me taking this decision ç_ç

However it's the best one, because probably I wouldn't wear it in the future... I'll sell it to a girl from London that will wear my costume at MCM London Expo this May!! :) I hope everything goes well with measurements etc! 

BUT...!!Before sending it to her I've decided to do a last photoset wearing this costume, with the great photographer Cesare Marino!! So I've restored it for the occasion!!!:)  ♥♥♥


Moreover, I've been "on the mountain" with TidusSurya for a couple of days and we took advantage for let her practise on photography and take some other shoots of my Fran costume while waiting for Cesare Marino's photoset publication!:) 

Well... you can find all the shots we made in the new gallery!! Enjoy!! ;) 






♥ New photos in "Let's Wear It!" section!!! 


Il mio cuore esplode di gioia nell'annunciare che la bellissima Sara Sirianni è stata selezionata per il Cosplay City Cup - best european cosplay indossando il mio costume di Cecil Harvey: esatto, proprio quello che portai nel 2009 per le selezioni del WCS al Romics! 
Dare via i propri costumi è sempre un po' triste, perchè si dà via una parte di sè e del proprio lavoro che, inutile negarlo, ci è costato comunque tempo, impegno e fatica. Tutto questo però, nel mio caso, è stato ampiamente ripagato dall'estrema semplicità, dolcezza e gentilezza di questa ragazza, che non solo indossa il mio costume forse meglio di me (XD) ma è riuscita a dargli ancora un momento di gloria, dopo essere stato chiuso in uno scatolone per ben 4 anni!:) 
Tutto questo mi porta una grande gioia, davvero! Mi sento anche io un po' vincitrice!♥ Un bacio enorme a Sara, speriamo di rivederci presto! ^^




My heart is crowded with joy in announcing that the beautiful Sara Sirianni has been selected for the Cosplay City Cup - best european cosplay wearing my Cecil Harvey costume: exactly, the costume I weared at Romics 2009, for WCS selections! 
Giving away my own costumes I feel always a bit sad, because I give away a part of me and of my work that, useless to deny, cost me time and effort. However, this time, I've been widely repaid by the extreme semplicity, kindness and sweetness of this girl, who not only wears my costume maybe better than me (XD) but has also been able to give it another moment of glory, after being closed in a carton for four years! :)
This thing really brings me a great happiness! I feel a little winner too!♥ A big kiss to Sara, hope to meet each other again soon! ^^





MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY!!! Ivy wishes you a Merry Christmas with this special gallery ;D Enjoy it!


New Gallery on line! On February we took these amazing shoots with Paolo Cellammare! Finally photos have been published, so I've created a special gallery to celebrate the great job of this great photographer! Enjoy it!


New Gallery on line!Disney The Beauty And The Beast! Thanks to photographers for these shoots in the wonderful background of Sigurtà Park!


New Gallery on line!Disney Princess Cinderella, Jewels version!Thanks to photographers for these shoots in the wonderful background of Sigurtà Park!


New Gallery on line! Akima from Titan A.E.!Thanks to Sandro Sebastiani for these shoots!^^


New Gallery on line!! Athena / Saori from Saint Seiya!!Thanks to my wonderful knights and to Massimiliano Pellegrini for this shoots!^^



There are new costumes pictures in Cosplay Commission gallery!!!Enjoy! ♥


New Gallery on line!! Juri and Koto from Yu Yu Hakusho!^^ Thanks to Hellena Cosplay!! ^_^


Hello to Everybody! It's some time that I don't write something, but University exhausted me! :P

I'm arranging two or three photo sessions for the month of march, with two new costumes! I hope to be able to do something nice!:)  So don't stop following me!;)




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La sezione Video è ora aperta!!!!

Video section is now online!!!! Enjoy it!!;)


New photos in the "Armour and weapons" Gallery!!^__-


Good Morning To everybody!!;)  I joined TopSites!!! If you want to vote me, click on the banner below!!! ;) Thank you very much!!:)


New Page on line!!! Making of, curiosities and photo gallery of my Karura-O Costume!^^


Nuova pagina on line!!Il making of, le curiosità, le foto del cosplay di Karura-O che ho portato a Romics 2010!!;)


New Gallery On Line!!!^___^ Moulin Rouge Red Dress


New updates on the About Me section with a new gallery!!!^_^  come to see it!!


 Urd striped dress   Gallery is now on line!!!^^


New Galleries on Line!!^^   Nuove Gallery nella Sezione Cosplay Commissions and Rydia !!


Nuove Gallery On line nella sezione "Special Cosplay Gallery"!!  "Snow White and The Prince" e "Sailor Moons Stars Group"!


Nuova Gallery On line: Snow White!^^


Aggiunte nuove gallery nella sezione Special Cosplay Gallery!<3

"Evangelion", "GANTZ" e "Ashe and Rasler"!!